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Special note: COVID-19

Ticket Refund (Coronavirus)

Your flight was cancelled due to flight schedule adjustments – especially because of COVID-19? Currently, many airlines deny to refund your ticket and offer vouchers or special rebooking policies. You do not need to accept this! Fill out our form and we fight for your right to get your flight ticket refund.

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Your flight was delayed and you arrived your final destination airport with a delay of 3 hours or more? In that case you shall are entitled by European law to receive compensation for your inconveniences.


If your flight was cancelled and you was informed less than 14 days before your flight you may are entitled to get compensated. If you had additional costs due to cancellation you can claim for damages as well.


The airline denied your boarding because they overbooked the flight? Also if the airline organized an alternative flight you shall are entitled for compensation if you arrived your final destination airport with a delay of 3 hours or more.

Missed connecting flight

If your previous flight was delayed less than 3 hours but you arrived your final destination with more than 3 hours delay because of a missed connecting flight you shall are entitled to get compensated.

Compensation per distance

EUR (€)
For flights up to
1.500 kilometres
EUR (€)
For flights between
1.500 and 3.500 kilometres
EUR (€)
For flights longer than
3.500 kilometres

For long distance flights more than 3.500 kilometres being delayed between 3-4 hours the airline has the right to reduce the compensation by 50%.

We enforce ec 261/2004 regulation

Some examples of airlines (European Union) where you can start your claim with us to get your compensation payment:

You had a flight with a non-EU airline but departured from an airport in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France or Spain? Here are our non-EU airlines where you can start your claim with us to get your compensation payment:

Why you should choose us

In year 2004 the European Regulation No. 261/2004 came into force. This regulation manages the passenger rights for all European Airlines as well as non-European airlines with flight departure from an EU airport. By this regulation passengers are entitled to receive compensation payment by the airlines if their flight was delayed, cancelled or the airline denied your boarding. In case of extraordinary circumstances the passenger is not entitled to get compensated. Because of that fact, the airlines try to avoid compensation payment referring to extraordinary circumstances e.g. bad weather, strike, political instability. Our expert team from Refundscanner knows all tricks of airlines to avoid payment due to our long experience in airline business. Stay free of hassle with the airlines. Our team has database access to worldwide flight data and knows best if you are entitled or not. We will fight for your rights and do everything to ensure that the airline will pay your compensation. If we are not successful in front of the airline you will be out of any costs. Only in case of our success we will charge a consulting and service fee of 25%-35% (excl. VAT). That means that you run for your compensation without any financial risk if you run with us! Beware yourself of hassle with the airline, without long and expensive phone calls with call center agents, without never ending eMail conversations, without high costs for a lawyer. We will manage everything for you!

Our service

Assessment of legal validity

Investigation of the flight disruption

Assessment of weather data

Personal service & support

English, Arabic & German speaking

Aviation & claim experts

Out-of-court settlement

Legal process

No win, no fee

How do we work

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To fill out our form only takes 5 minutes of your time. Our experts will directly start with their investigation. Within 24 hours we will inform you if your claim has a realistic chance of success.

we take care of the rest

Our experts verify your case with our special logarithm and by personal assessment of our team. We have access to worldwide flight and weather data. Because of that we know if your flight delay or cancellation is related to a fault by the airline or if it is related to extraordinary circumstances. Our flight right experts are up to date with all laws to negotiate and argument with the airlines to get your entitled compensation. If necessary we will go to court against the airline to win your claim.

get your money

In case of our success against the airline we will directly transfer your compensation to your bank account. Only in case of success we will charge a consulting and service fee of 25% (excl. VAT)*.

*In case of a court trail, we will charge an additional lawyer fee of 10%.

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